Line Maintenance Certifying Mechanic – Category A

Category A authorization entitles the holder to issue Certificates of Release to Service after:simple scheduled maintenance work; repairing simple defects within the scope of the authorization.

The issuing of Certificates of Release to Service is restricted to work which the the holder of the authorization has personally carried out. Category A is subdivided into subcategories relative to combinations of aeroplanes, helicopters, turbine and piston engines as following:

  • A1: Aeroplanes – Turbine           A2: Aeroplanes – Piston
  • A3: Helicopters – Turbine          A4: Helicopters – Piston

Who Should Attend

Persons without experience which are interested to start a carrier in aviation and to obtain an Aircraft Maintenance License.

Number of participants

  • Minimum: 8 persons
  • Maximum: 15 persons


After completion of the course participants will have the theoretical knowledge in accordance with the syllabus and knowledge level in conformity with EASA Part – 66, appendix 1.


An applicant for an aircraft maintenance license shall be at least 18 years of age with ability in reading and understanding English.

Theoretical Training – Full courses Category A – number of hours  european-aviation-institute-easa-part-147-airplane-maintenance-courses-Aircraft Maintenance License-line-maintenance-category-A-full-courses
Practical training – Number of hourseuropean-aviation-institute-easa-part-147-airplane-maintenance-courses-Aircraft Maintenance License-category-a-practical-hours