Maintenance Certifying Technician/ Mechanical – Category B1

Category B1 authorization entitles the holder to issue Certificates of Release to Service after maintenance work, including work on: the airframe; the engines;  mechanical and electrical systems.

Category B1 authorization includes the replacement of quickly replaceable avionic units for which a simple check (usually on board) is required to verify their integrity for further operation.

Category B1 authorization automatically entitles the holder to issue Category A Certificates of Release to Service. Category B1 is subdivided into subcategories relative to combinations of aeroplanes, helicopters, turbine and piston engines as following:

  • B1.1: Aeroplanes – Turbine        B1.3: Helicopters – Turbine
  • B1.2: Aeroplanes – Piston          B1.4: Helicopters – Piston

Who Should Attend

  • Personnel wanting to get an EASA PART 66 License
  • Personnel with a Cat. A License
  • Qualified maintenance personnel (working in PART 145) willing to extend their knowledge and license

Number of participants

  • Minimum : 8 persons
  • Maximum: 15 persons


After completion of the course participants will have the theoretical knowledge in accordance with the syllabus and knowledge level in conformity with EASA Part – 66, appendix 1.


An applicant for an aircraft maintenance license shall be at least 18 years of age with ability in reading and understanding English. For B1 courses participants should have a Cat. A license and the relevant experience.

Theoretical Training – Full courses Category B1 – number of hours

european-aviation-institute-easa-part-147-airplane-maintenance-courses-Aircraft Maintenance License-technician-maintenance-category-b1-full-courses

Practical Training – Number of hours

european-aviation-institute-easa-part-147-airplane-maintenance-courses-Aircraft Maintenance License-category-b1-practical-hours