Technical English for Aviation

Who Should Attend

  • Technical personnel working in aviation field
  • Personnel wanting to get an EASA PART 66 License
  • Military maintenance personnel willing to obtain a civil license
  • All technical personnel working in aviation maintenance, manufacturing using aeronautical documents

After completing this course

  • You will have better pronunciation – with our unique exercises and technique
  • You will be able to use grammar more accurately
  • You will develop a widervocabulary
  • You will be able to understand different accents, phrasal verbs, idioms and slang
  • You will be able to clearly report and handle unexpected situations
  • You will be able to give effective presentations about technical subject matter
  • You will be able to write accurate reports about malfunctions and unexpected events
  • You will be able to understand English speakers with unusual accents
  • You will be able to interact and respond to questions correctly
  • You will be able to PARAPHRASE if other people don’t recognise your vocabulary or pronunciation


Our unique Aviation Training encompasses two modules- less than others thus, enabling you to jet you through real technical English on short notice


  • Module A

Brings you from scratch to simple conversation and basic English grammar guides you through more complex situational awareness and English grammar content.


  • Module B

Improves your technical English knowledge and transforms you into an independent speaker with regards to Aviation and Technical encountered issues.


Hope we can assist you in developing real time English knowledge in less time with less effort from you.
Expecting you to subscribe to our Aviation Technical English Classes soon!